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Education Program

We operate an integrated curriculum based on a project approach to enable interactive learning, led by teachers and children.
A project approach is an in-depth study of a specific topic that a child performs individually or collectively.
Situated within a pre-planning of the teacher’s theoretical framework, the children are encourage students to participate and
contribute to the topic of interest interaction between teacher and student, cognition, and creativity development together.
Find out about their related
experiences and pre-
existing knowledge.
Students will involve in
investigations gather
new knowledge.
Culminating project
event is arranged by
project exhibition.

Special Program

Creative Art

Creativity will be facilitated through art activities using various
art materials and techniques.
Children will develop appreciation skill by experiencing art works.

Cooking & Science

Math, language and science concepts will be integrated into
Cooking & Science.
Creativity and intellectual ability will be developed.

English Lesson

Children will learn English in depth base on monthly theme.
Conversation skill and vocabulary in English will be developed.

Musical English

Learning English through Music.
This helps the children to improve not only English skills
but also confidence.

English Writing Through Storybook

Children will read various storybooks.
After reading storybook, children will re-compose the story and
learn chant, song and rhymes through storybook.


Children will develop to hear, identify
and to manipulate spelling patterns.

N.I.E(Newspaper in Education)

Children will develop problem solving skill, comprehension skill,
memory skill, creativity and vocabulary through various tasks
using articles from the newspapers.

Logic & Math

By using Gabe, GEMS, Base 10 Blocks and Orda children will
learn math concepts.
Children will develop creativity and self-confidence


Children will understand the concept of numbers, develop the
sense of numbers, practice simple calculation through abacus

Base 10 Blocks

Children will learn concept of number 1,10,100 and 1000 by
using Base 10 Blocks.
Addition, Subtraction, multiplication, division, pattern, shapes,
composition will be learned.


Math concepts including shapes, operation, symmetry, pattern,
problem solving, logical thinking, length, width will be deal with
using Geoboard.


Math concepts including operation, length, width, pattern,
shapes will be learned through Gabe activities.
Sense of Space and thinking ability will be facilitated.


By using physical equipment, children will develop gross and
motor skill.
Children will develop balancing skill and increase confidence.

Putt Putt Golf

Through customized golf couse program, body control ability,
positive character, responsibilty, concentration skill will be